It is no secret that the unprecedented development of technology has dramatically transformed the world of business. This development has charted businesses beyond the narrow demands of traditional physical existence to the flexible arena of digital presence. This has made marketing and its constituents, particularly, Copywriting, much more indispensable to the profitability of the contemporary brands in a digital business world. The laws of business have not changed much. The profitability and survival of a brand and its products are still as good as its marketing designs and efforts. It is significantly remarked, with almost cocky certainty, that fantastic marketing designs could sell an average product to success. However, a lousy marketing strategy would see a super brand to financial ruin. In other words, marketing is the holy grail of the typical contemporary business and the wine therein, Copywriting. It is worthy of note that anyone can sew together various strands of words to make a sales copy. However, if such a creative endeavor is not sexy enough to seduce the customer and cause he/she to take action, then the survival of a brand sits precariously on the edge of a cliff. Therefore, the Copywriter must understand the art of subtle persuasion and the science of strategy and techniques and, through a marriage of both turn words into a veritable weapon for profitability.

If Copywriting holds a pride of place in the marketing schemes of business and the Copywriter, a key determiner of the success of marketing strategies, the Copywriter must embody the following traits to deploy the best resources which will factor into business success.

Originality: There is a barrage of information on the internet, so much that searching for information concerning anything becomes a tedious task due to the striking similarity of contents and the inappreciable lack of creative originality. Originality suggests something new, fresh out of the bag and a hint of adventure into uncharted territory. Originality smacks competence and mastery and suggests genuine concern, love, and respect expressed in the thorough creation of new value and knowledge. This, however, does not mean creating the wheel when it comes to copywriting because there are individuals who have been successful in the field and have created a template for successful copywriting through their various works. The Copywriter needs to adopt the existing working template to create new deliverables that would create business success.

Flexibility and trendy: The Copywriter must continuously keep abreast of happenings that can impact his world and brand to ride their tides as early as possible to the peak and distill from them maximum profitability brands. More so, the copy Writer must be flexible to integrate new designs, strategies, and tools to achieve his ends.

Solution-Oriented: The Copywriter must be aware that copywriting is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. Therefore, he/she must focus on the ends of Copywriting, which is solving the marketing problems of a brand.

Understand his audience: It is essential that the Copywriter be flexible and vast, but more importantly, he/she must understand the language, needs and triggers of his/her audience. Anything outside the languages, likes, taste, fashion and values of his/her audience is tantamount to failure. This means that the Copywriter must continue to seek knowledge to understand the psychology of his audience.

Persuasiveness: The Copywriter must have under his belt the weapon of persuasiveness. It is not enough to get the attention of the market. The market must be transformed from being just interested and committed through a decisive and strategic call to action. Therefore, the Copywriter must be subtly persuasive in a way that the customer feels a sense of self-control and self-direction to do the desires of the brand.

Conclusively, this is by no means an exhaustive list of the requisite characteristics of a Copywriter; however, every great Copywriter has these essential traits and more under their belt.

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    Interesting piece

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