Aspect of the progress of Satrapi as a character is her shifting views of Iran’s federal government, escalating increasingly skeptical and leftist as the tale develops. Even though by the start out of Iraq-Iran war she has surely developed from her blind acceptance of the king as a divine ruler, her reaction to the conflict displays just how profitable nationalistic appeals can be in persuading citizens to assistance intercontinental conflict.

Upon listening to from her grandmother that Iranian fundamentalists had attempted to overthrow Saddam Hussein with the aid of Iraqi Shiite Muslims (the similar sect of Islam with which the Iranian govt associates itself), she ignores the evident provocation of Iraq carried out by the Iranian authorities, and instead latches on to the government’s pretext for the war as the next Arab invasion. “The second invasion in 1400 many years! My blood was boiling.

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I was prepared to defend my country in opposition to these Arabs who saved attacking us. I desired to combat,” reads the ultimate panel on web page 79, outlining Satrapi’s essay writer without plagerism feelings of the news. The irony of the simple fact that the very first Arab invasion experienced been what had introduced Islam to the location in the to start with put, and the justification of war with a 1400-calendar year-outdated event can seem almost humorous to the reader, but it also is not out of stage with how people today respond when nationalism performs a considerable position in conflict. Over the study course of the war, the ties to nationalism grow to be even a lot more apparent: in college college students introduced experiences on the war and 2 times a day were being demanded to participate in self-flagellation to mourn the dead (Satrapi eighty five-86, ninety five). Satrapi even described hitting oneself as “one of the country’s rituals” (Satrapi 96).

Nevertheless, it is with Satrapi’s change in her views of the war, in which she realizes the sinister fact of the exploitative mother nature of the nationalistic conflict. “Iraq proposed a settlement, and Saudi Arabia was willing to pay for reconstruction to restore peace to the location,” tells an more mature and wiser Satrapi, “but our federal government was from it” (Satrapi 114).

The explanation that the Iranian governing administration opposed peace it is disclosed, was mainly because, “They finally admitted that the survival of the regime depended on the war” (Satrapi 116). The very idea as a bloody conflict with a overseas state as a suggests of nationalist propaganda is disgustingly backward, and with it we should understand a terrific truth of the matter about the ugliness which can often occur when nationalism is exploited as a implies of justification for violence or oppression. The heritage of nationalist actions is checkered at ideal. When used properly, as a self-dedication motion of and by an oppressed group or ethnic minority, it can final result in the development of a condition which much better displays the interests of its populace. Regrettably, in the historical past of worldwide relations, this is not often the scenario. Rather, normally nationalist actions are exploited by those in energy to justify cruel and unjust actions.

During the reign of the Shah, beneath the watchful eye of Terrific Britain, this intended that even though Iranian leaders were being celebrating the may well of Persia, the state gave up command of its most profitable marketplace in a grand political bargain.


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