Definition of Terms

Agreement’ alludes to these Terms and Conditions.

‘Company, ‘Service’, ‘We’ mean the Organization that provides research and writing services to Clients as per the characterized terms spread out in this term of service.

Writer’ is the individual, who has consented to work with the Company on an independent premise to offer research and writing services under our terms.

Client‘ is the individual who puts in an Order Request with the Company to acquire the product according to specific requirements and according to terms of service detailed here.

Order’ is an electronic request for paid assistance from the Client for a specific product or service.

Order Status’’ characterizes order progress on a specific stage.

‘Product’ is an electronic document that is the conclusive outcome of an order.

Order Update’ is a reviewed version of the first product turned in by Writer.

Support’ is the Company’s customer care team that oversees the request process and ensures customer satisfaction.

Quality Control Team’’ Evaluate the quality of the product and services provided.

Credit Account’ is a money account designed to hold a client’s cash deposit for an uncomplemented order or ongoing order.

Revision Policy

Here at AceNorm, we accept it that as our objective to give you excellent help in a convenient way. However, in the event that the completed material doesn’t meet your instructions as provided, we are prepared to modify it. You have four revision demands as long as they are not far and above the initial task conditions.

As long as your revision request does not conflict with your initial underlying guidelines, we will definitely request that our writer roll out the required improvements. However, if our Quality Assurance Team confirms that the underlying guidelines of your request have been met, the modification solicitation will be dismissed, and you will be asked to pay an extra fee.

Please feel free to contact our support team via chat or email at [email protected] to provide a reasonable time frame for the revision. We are afraid to inform you that if a reasonable time frame is not provided, we may not be able to complete your revision request.

Revision Timeline

You may request a revision even before you turn in the final delivery. But after the stipulated deadline, you have 9 days to request for amendments. In the event that your request surpassed 15 pages, you have 15 days window to request at most 4 revisions.

Revision Request Windows

In the event that your revision guidelines meet all the conditions stated above, we will happily finish up to 4 free revision requests. Remember that you can show the same number of modification guidelines when sending your request back for amendment.

In the event that your revision demand doesn’t agree to the above-expressed arrangements, another order request will be made. In a specific order, it would be ideal if you precisely determine what changes or updates are required for your paper.

Remember that you have 7 days for papers less than 14 pages and 15 days for papers higher than 15 after the initial deadline has been met to submit a revision request. In the event that we don’t get a revision notification from you in these 7 days and 14 days windows, your order is deemed to be successfully completed.

Plagiarism Policy

The Company is obliged to provide a Turnitin plagiarism report for free on your request. We work hard to give you an entirely original paper, however, the order may contain little plagiarism, but we don’t expect it to be above 8%.

How We Deliver Your Orders

The finished order will be delivered electronically via the email you provided. Your order will be delivered on or before the time you specified on the order form. The clock countdown begins when we effectively acknowledge the request and receive a payment confirmation from our payment processor. If our writer experiences any difficulties with your project, AceNorm, we contact you for further clarification.

Every completed paper will be delivered to you via email. We expect that our clients reply with a reception confirmation. However, in the event that the Client fails to download the delivered paper on time, AceNorm won’t be responsible for any disappointment that may arise, and no refund will be made to the Client so as to pay the writer for the work done.

Guarantee Policy

A particular measure of choices is given to you to request to be paid back the money you paid for an Order. Please note that only the account details that the money was paid from can receive a refund. NO order account details provided by you will be accepted for a refund. So as to fit the bill for a discount, the standards expressed below must be carefully followed

100% Repayment is Accessible

Our 100% is available on the following conditions:

  • On Orders for which an error occurred that the Client paid twice for the same order. That is a twofold payment for a similar Order. Such an event must be quickly reported to the Support Team. Full repayment of the second payment is possible.
  • You are entitled to 100% reimbursement on the rare circumstance that no appropriate writer was found for your order. In such a case, you will be quickly reached by our Support Team in order to reimburse you immediately!
  • You are entitled to a 100% refund in the event that you no more need the Ordered project due to the fact that we delivered late. In such a case, none of the finished papers will be sent to you. The option to utilize any of the expertly finished materials won’t be allowed to you.
  • You are entitled to a 100% refund if our writer has not started working on your project.

50% repayment is accessible if

  • You intend to withdraw or cancel the order when our writer has done a reasonable amount of work on your order. Please note that we are obliged to compensate the writer for the work that has already been done. You are entitled to request for any piece of the draft from us. However, note that the draft is not entirely a finished work and may not meet your initial project conditions.
  • In the event that we can’t give you a writer to undertake a revision request
  • When the order is sent back for a correction, it implies that you have accepted the order and require just minor changes to the expertly finished material. In such case, 100% discount will be outlandish if the Resumes is sent for an update in any event once.
  • 50% repayment is accessible if there should arise an occurrence of delay with the review and the revised is needless to you. Under this condition, AceNorm is obliged to withhold the revised paper after reimbursement of 50% of the total amount paid for the order.

A Refund Isn’t Possible in

  • Situations when our Quality Assurance Team recommends that the initial underlying guidelines of the project have been followed.
  • Situations when the Terms of Use of our Website are violated.
  • Completed projects that have already been endorsed by you.

If you initiate a refund request, you cease to enjoy all the rights stipulated in this Terms of Use. If you send your paper to us for minor revision, it is interpreted that you have approved the order, and you only need minor revision. A 100% refund is inaccessible if you have sent back your paper for review previously for at least once.


When filling out the order form, the Client should provide an email address and a correct telephone number where the Client can be reached. There might be different events during the Request arrangement when building up contact with the Client is essential. AceNorm will not be answerable for order delay or other quality issues in the completed order if they can’t be settled because of the Client’s incorrect contact information.

Since completed papers are dependent on instructions provided Client, these guidelines must be clear and exact. In the event that the guidelines are not satisfactory, and extra clarifications are needed to finish the paper, the Client is obliged to give the fundamental guidelines as quickly as time permits. The Client should bear in mind that once the paper is finished, any modification demand should just be based on the underlying guidelines in the original request. Any extra instructions above the initial underlying guidelines would be considered Editing and Rewriting. This is an additional service and AceNorm won’t offer any free amendment demand that is uniquely different from the initially underlying requirement. New guidelines and payment must be sent before a writer is asked to commence work. The inability to meet this prerequisite will bring about an infringement of this Terms of Use and relinquishment of our Guarantee Policy.


The writer is permitted to utilize any significant source accessible for the project’s completion, except if the Client makes reference to some specific sources to be utilized or others to be disregarded. In the event that the Client needs explicit sources that are significant for the order, AceNorm would anticipate that the Client should provide them within

  • 1 hour for a project with a 47 hours turnaround time
  • 8 hours for a project with a turnaround time of more than 48 hours

Error on the Order Form

It is the Client’s sole obligation to pick the right conditions that best fit the project when you fill out the order form. In the event that the Client has made a blunder while putting in a Request, at that point, the Client must contact the Support Team immediately for help, since the writer is required to finish the order in agreement to the instructions put forward by the Client.


Once the Client fills out the form and submit, the Order Request is enrolled inside the Organisation’s framework, and the Client ought to continue with the payment first for the writer to begin work on the order. AceNorm is not liable for any delays due to clients’ refusal to complete the payment on time.

If the Client was told about the need to make an extra payment, the Client needs to process it at the earliest opportunity. A delay in the payment of extra charge may ultimately result in delays in the delivery. In this situation, the Client cannot hold us responsible for any delays in completing the project.

Be that as it may, AceNorm maintains all authority to alter order prices at any time due to increments in costs, taxes, exchange rate differences, etc.


The Client must be exact and mindful when filling out the Order structure. A discount code can’t be applied to an order that has been paid. AceNorm isn’t obliged to issue a refund if the code wasn’t used.

Unauthorized Payment

Any unauthorized use of credit card to purchase any of our products is fraudulent and will be reported to the appropriate authorities for further investigations. We are in contact with the authorities in our efforts to fight fraud, and every single fraudulent activity will be reported.

Payment Disclaimer

AceNorm does not have access to your card details. All payments are securely made through Paystack and AceNorm will never ask you for your card or bank details.

Promotional Emails

AceNorm maintains whatever authority is needed to contact the Customers by email with respect to new services, discounts, unique offers, and whatever other information that the Company may find necessarily valuable for the Client.

By using this website, the Client agrees to get messages and different types of electronic correspondences, including but not limited to SMS and push notifications from the Company.

The Client explicitly forfeits any legal action against the Company for getting the messages and different types of electronic correspondences from the Company for marketing or informative reasons.