Hiring organisations and fortune 500 companies have evolved and greatly changed in the last 10 years and so have their resume reviewing methodologies. At AceNorm, we have trained industry-insider knowledge to account for these new, “unwritten” resume rules (beyond ATS). An optimized Linkedin profile and a fantastic Resume with a customized Cover Letter is what you need to get eyeballs as a professional. Our Resumes are structured in the way tech companies/fortune 500 companies like to see them.

  • Our Resume Includes a visual re-design, & achievement-based content with optimal grammar, flow, syntax, & keyword optimization.
  • Our Cover letter includes an attention-grabbing intro that is modifiable for future opportunities.
  • LinkedIn Profile: An update to your about page, job experience, awards, education & more.

We will be able to take your drafts and reformat them to highlight your education, professional employment experiences, and best skills/attributes making you a leading candidate for your employment opportunity.

Fully rewrite and edit your ENTIRE resume/cv: jobs, grammar, flow, syntax and complete keyword optimization for ATS. Our full package include:

  1. Powerful pro bio-intro to immediately grab attention on your resume/cv.
  2. Complete resume/cv re-formatting for a clean, professional design praised by HR managers.
  3.  A dynamic cover letter created from scratch, tailored to you and easily editable for any job you apply for in the future.
  4. Eye-catching LinkedIn content primed for the ‘full read’, ensuring you get noticed and leave an impression.

Our Resume Package comes with:

  • Editable File
  • Review & Critique
  • Edit & Rewrite
  • Custom Design
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Optimization