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Annotated Bibliography

Writing an annotation has proven to be a daunting task because most people just don’t have a clue what kinds of sources to use and what referencing format to utilize. Most importantly, an annotated bibliography isn’t equivalent to a works cited page – this is the main error that numerous students make. Truth be told, while works cited or references page is a straightforward rundown of sources that the writer cited …. (see more)

Research Papers 

At AceNorm, our writers are undoubtedly qualified to do any kind of research papers not limited to the following…(See more)


Your website is the window to your business. It needs to grab your visitors and keep them reading so that they’ll take whatever action you want them to; buy your product or service, join your email list, sign up for your newsletter – and much more! To do that, you need a professional copywriter who understands what it takes and has been doing it successfully for years. When it comes to your business, there’s no room for amateur writers. You need a true PRO!

Punchy, clever, concise, “on-brand” — these could all be characteristics of effective copy. But here’s the truth: Effective copy is based on persuasion. Everything else is secondary. But there’s good news: the fundamentals of …(see more)

Resume Writing 

Hiring organisations and fortune 500 companies have evolved and greatly changed in the last 10 years and so have their resume reviewing methodologies. At AceNorm, we have trained industry-insider knowledge to account for these new, “unwritten” resume rules (beyond ATS). An optimized Linkedin profile and a fantastic Resume with a customized Cover Letter is what you need to get eyeballs as a…(see more)

Business Plan

A custom business plan strategy can be thought of as the guide towards progress. Any business strategy needs to have an arrangement that inco… (see more)

Speech Writing

Getting ready for speech presentation requires some investment, commitment and most importantly, a specialized skill. The ability to communicate in an unmistakable and influential way is a blessing. Unfortunately, not every person has the necessary inclination and ability to complete this task, not to mention making the best of them. Whichever way, your speech must be written and you must present it. That is the reason it’s a savvy choice to get speech writing help from experts…(see more)

Book Reviews

Writing a book review is an exceptionally intriguing activity for us here at AceNorm and our writers look forward to it. Your instructor may require you to write a review of a book that you have read. This assignment isn’t that difficult, but in the event that you are finding it difficult, you can request for a professional help from us here at AceNorm. Some… (see more)


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